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Greeta Russell

Our Mission


We strive to educate and encourage people to be intentional in their relationship with God, self, and others.

To help educators RISE in effectiveness, businesses RISE in potential, families RISE in strength, children RISE in destiny, and women RISE in unity.

We want to see Christians RISE above judgment, fear, & superficial relationships and RISE in love.

Because Jesus. Because People.

Because introducing the two is our passion.

Greeta is a mother with a background in education and ministry, Author, & National Public Speaker. 

Greeta's heart's desire is to live out her life in a way that honors the transformation she has experienced through grief after losing her infant son. She shares from a place of rawness and determination to RISE above life's circumstances and see God for who He really is. Greeta has traveled this road from death to life and is willing to walk with those who God places in her path. She strongly believes this place of divine friendship with our Creator is available for all.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Author, National Public Speaker, Wife, & Mother

Missy's primary passion in life is to hand out hope to those who find themselves with a shortage. She is a straight forward communicator who can share her uncommon perspective in a way that allows others to RISE above their difficulties to seek hope, reconciliation, healing and growth. Missy is motivated by the practical avenues of her Christian faith which she believes is the call to be present with people in all circumstances while being genuinely interested in how those circumstances affect their hearts.

Missy Nicholas

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