Comfort Animals

December 16, 2020


Nineteen and a half years ago I arrived at the hospital in labor with my first child. There was a mother—obviously crying—holding a teddy bear and being wheeled out without her baby. My heart broke into a million pieces as I thought that was the saddest thing I had ever seen. 


Then in 2015, I became that mom. That mom without my precious baby. That mom with tears streaming down my face. Trying to grasp how life could go on. Panic set in as I felt the weight of my empty arms. My husband then placed our son’s stuffed elephant on my lap. 


I purposed in my heart that day that no mom should ever leave with empty arms. With the help of friends and family, we have now given over 100 stuffed animals to the SILAS program at Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa, OK. Each animal is hand-chosen, prayed over, weighted, and sponsored. It’s a sacred task. It brings a connection of hearts and healing for deep loss. Many moms have reached out in thanks for their animals, which gives them a tangible connection to their baby. It not only collects tears and hugs and kisses, but it also returns healing for broken hearts.


You can help us by donating to the project today. Your donation is not tax-deductible at this time as RISE is not a 501(c)3. However, when you give a general donation for SILAS comfort animals, your money will be used to buy materials, bless nurses who work in bereavement, and to thank volunteers for their donations of time and talent to this program. Every dollar received directly impacts the lives of these families. 


As needed, we post individual animals ready for sponsorship on our FB page.

Thank you for your loving donation.


Khai's Mom